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- What is "decontamination"?

Whether you have a new car or a used one, there’s a very good chance that the paint is contaminated in one way or another. Paint contamination can include road debris that has firmly embedded itself to the paint, industrial fallout, brake dust, railroad track dust, contaminants from trees and other plants and much more. For the most part, these contaminants can be removed using a specially formulated polymer clay bar. Unfortunately, the more serious contaminants like brake and rail dust can only be removed safely with a pH neutral iron-removing product such as Nanolex Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover. These types of products are made with a neutralized acid which make them pH neutral and safe for all surfaces. They safely and gently remove iron particles that are ingrained in the paint and wheels basically by speeding up the oxidation process and converting iron particles into a water-soluble form (see the picture in the header).

- Why is it important to remove these contaminants?

Think about it like this: Imagine that the paint on your car is its “skin”. Now when we as humans get dirty and things become embedded into our skin, we remove them as soon as we can because we know that if we don’t, in time these contaminants can cause several health problems such as infections and can in turn damage our skin. The same concept applies to your car’s “skin”. Iron particles in your paint will quickly oxidize, or rust, inside the pores of the paint. When this happens, the paint itself becomes damaged and the pores of the paint become larger and larger, leaving the metal on the vehicle itself more exposed and more susceptible to damage… over time, the only way to repair this is by repainting, which is very costly considering the price of the work PLUS the devaluation of car that’s been repainted. 

- Another car cleaning place said they would remove the iron from my paint for cheaper, can you match their price?

Removing iron particles from paint is not an “every day” task; it’s more like a routine surgery… “routine” but still a surgery which requires proper chemicals, skill, patience and knowledge. If another company offers to do it for cheaper, you have to question the 4 qualities listed previously. Proper fallout remover chemicals are not cheap but yes, there are other chemicals on the market that will remove iron fallout from your paint, but they will also remove your paint and damage other things if the individual using them is not experienced. Jesse and his business partner were one of the first companies in the world to develop such a product and since then, it has been copied by hundreds of other companies around the globe because of it’s demand and effectiveness. So the choice is entirely up to you 🙂 !

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