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Exterior Services from 89.990 ft

- My car is brand new, what needs to be "treated"?

When a car is painted in the factory, in most cases, it’s been painted in a contamination-free environment so really there’s no need to polish it, because it should be defect-free. Therefore, most car manufacturers don’t bother to go the extra mile to make it look even better by polishing it because for them it’s an unnecessary and time-consuming step. Therefore, the paint that’s on the car from the factory is more or less “naked” with no protection. However, some manufacturers do polish their cars after being painted, but in our experience, there’s not a single manufacturer out there that will polish the paint even close to our standards. Usually if the car has been polished, it’s full of holograms and other defects, because simply put: The manufacturer will not invest so much money to have the cars professionally polished, no matter the price of the car, because for them it’s an unnecessary expense both time and money-wise. Even if it has been polished, it’s still “naked” with no protection. Around 90% of the polishing compounds on the market contain some sort of wax, but the function of this wax is not to protect, but rather to act as a cooling and absorbing agent during the polishing process. So when a car is polished, it does leave a microscopic layer of wax on the paint, but being that it lacks certain polymers and other ingredients which can be found in a quality hand wax, the bond to the paint is very weak and will usually be removed after just a couple of washes, hence leaving the paint “naked” again. When the paint is “naked” its subject to a myriad of contaminants that could damage it like acid rain, industrial fallout, bird droppings, road grime and much, much more. With that being said, you can see why the best time to have your vehicle treated is right when it comes off the showroom floor! 


- Ceramic glass coatings for paint

  • Small vehicles – 89.990​-

  • Medium-sized vehicles – 109.990-

  • Large vehicles – 129.990-

  • Trucks and SUV’s – 149.990- 

  • Sports cars and luxury cars – 159.990-

satisfaction-guarantee (Mobile)

* All ceramic glass coatings for paint come with a 1 year guarantee! ​Click here to read more about our glass coatings! 

- Nano coatings for wheels

  • 5.990 – 8.990- depending on the wheel size

* All Nano coatings for wheels come with a 6 month guarantee! ​Click here to read more about our glass coatings! 

- Nano coatings for glass

  • 9.990- depending on the size of the vehicle for windscreen and back glass

– All nano glass coatings come with a 6 month guarantee!

- Nano coatings for leather

    • 5.990- per seat

    • 29.990- full seat treatment

    • Luxury and sports cars with full leather interiors will be quoted individually

– All nano leather coatings come with a 6 month guarantee! 

* The 1 year guarantee is only valid for customers who have their vehicles maintained by us with a monthly maintenance wash!

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