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Exterior packages from: 89.990- ft

- Why does my car need to be "protected"?

The paint on our cars can be compared to our skin: When you take care of your skin by washing it regularly, making sure it’s conditioned when needed and by protecting it from harmful UV rays it glows with a healthy shine free of blemishes and other aesthetic faults and it’s quite apparent that you’ve been taking care of it well. If you don’t do these simple things to take care of your skin, the dirt it collects just attracts more and more dirt and grime, the surface dries out and can become irreparably damaged by dangerous UV rays and well, it’s just unattractive. The SAME exact thing can happen with your paint if you don’t take care of it! Dirt gets into the pores of the paint and the corrosion process starts. The sun’s UV rays add fuel to the fire by making the pores in the paint, therefore allowing more and more contamination to work its way in. In time, the paint itself will completely dry out and either fade, crack, blister or all of these! Protection from UV rays is just part of the reason to protect your car. A car, whether its a Ford or a Ferrari is a big investment! That’s why it’s not a useless or silly thing at all to protect your investment Aside from UV rays, there are a gazillion other things in the environment that can damage your car, both inside and out. Road grime, brake dust, railroad dust, industrial fallout, acid rain, bird droppings, bugs… the list goes on and on. 


Before a glass coating is applied to the paint, it is highly recommended to correct the paint if it’s not a new car! If the painted surface is not scratch-free smooth the hydrophobic properties of the coating will be greatly reduced and will be applied with no guarantee! 

​- Ceramic glass coating for paint

  • Small vehicles – 89.990​-

  • Medium-sized vehicles – 109.990-

  • Large vehicles – 129.990-

  • Trucks and SUV’s – 149.990- 

  • Sports cars and luxury cars – 159.990-

*All ceramic glass coatings for paint come with a 1 year guarantee! Click here to read more about our glass coatings! The guarantee is only valid for vehicles that are maintained by Zenith Detailing at least once a month with one of our Wash Services! 

​- Ceramic glass coating for wheels

  • 5.990 – 8.990- depending on the wheel size

*All ceramic glass coatings for wheels come with a 6 month guarantee! 

- Ceramic glass coating for glass

  • 9.990- depending on the size of the vehicle for windscreen and back glass

*All nano coatings for glass come with a 6 month guarantee! 

- ​​Nano coating for leather

  • 5.990- per seat

  • 29.990- full seat treatment

  • Luxury and sports cars with full leather interiors will be quoted individually

*All nano leather coatings come with a 6 month guarantee! 

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